What can home sellers on a budget do to make a small house appear larger? Simple staging techniques will lend a sense of expansiveness to the tightest of quarters.

While the advantages of owning a small home include lower price, reduced utility bills, less maintenance, and more family togetherness, disadvantages may arise for the owner when it’s time to sell. Because buyers have to envision themselves living in a small home, a staging strategy is necessary to make the house seem as big as possible.

Staging Ideas to Sell a Small House

Realtor, Barbara Schwartz originated the term, “staging” in the 1970’s when trying to sell homes. She advises, “Try to look at your house through the buyer’s eyes, as though you’ve never seen it before.” Look for evidence that a room is doing double duty, such as a combination dining room and home office. Lessen the concern in the buyer’s mind that there won’t be room for his belongings by stowing computers and office supplies so that the room appears to be single-use.

No-Cost Staging Ideas to Help Sell a Small House

Clutter makes a house seem smaller by breaking up clean lines. Storage is the key to staging a small home. Remove all small appliances from the kitchen counter to avoid a crowded look. If the closet is full, remove up to half of the clothing to make it appear larger. Remove and store personal items from bathroom countertops and the shower. If the living room or dining room, or even office furniture is either oversized or too abundant, store the pieces that make the room feel too crowded. Buy storage bins for the kid’s rooms so you can quickly hide toys out of sight should a viewer call.

Color Ideas for Staging

Avoid loud and high-contrast colors for ceilings, walls, floors, and between rooms. While home sellers should not be afraid to employ color, they should be aware that potential buyers may not share their tastes. Blending medium tones from ceiling to walls and from room to room will make the house feel bigger. Accessorize with complementary colors in the living and dining rooms, and choose one or two medium-toned towel colors for the bathroom.

Make a Small House Look Bigger

The use of lighting can increase the illusion of space in a small house. Prune bushes and trees outside windows to maximize sunlight entering the house. In addition, a corner lamp that casts light upward creates an impression of more square footage.

Small houses have many economic advantages but may hit a road block when it’s time to sell. But with low or no-cost staging strategies such stowing clutter, painting, adding crown molding, or planting flowers outside, little houses can be perceived as valuable. And whether the owner has plenty of time to sell or if the property is a short sale, the likelihood of success is increased by staging efforts. If nothing else works, you can simply make the house larger by adding an extension or converting the loft.



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