With the economy in Spain being so bad due to COVID-19, many expats who left the UK to work abroad are now deciding to sell up as they cannot find jobs. With the property market is flooded with properties, you must take the right steps and make sure your Spanish homes stand out from the crowd to ensure a sale. The following advice was given to me Martin Haigh, who owns an estate agency in Javea, a Spanish town on the Costa Blanca.

He told me a successful agent once said that to be successful in selling a house, one must have his heart in his house and his house in his heart. When people think of houses being sold, usually the image that crops up in mind is that of shifty broker types and real estate figures in their power suits and penchant for making the hugest profits possible. Most people do not realize that they do not have to spread their money to second and third parties to sell a house. This article focuses on a few general selling house guidelines and tips that one may apply to make the process of selling a house successfully.

There are two ways in which one may sell a house: with an agent or without one. Knowing the exact house value and practicing a defined amount of restraint are key elements. One should get the home appraised first; it is worth every penny one is bound to be charged. If the market is good, the selling price should go up to about 15% north of the appraisal. If the market is weaker or saturated with a similar product, the price should be around the appraisal figure.

Getting a home inspection is another key element in succeeding at selling a house. This aids the elimination of complication slag during the actual sales process. One should realize that at the end of the day, the buyer is going to insist on an inspection routine. Having an inspection puts the seller in a position where they can exercise more control over any problems that arise. If the inspection unearths issues, it is prudent to familiarize oneself with the country’s disclosure laws. This comes in handy in avoiding litigation in the future.

If possible, it is essential to put the home on the market for as long as possible. Using a real estate website often lets you put the house on the buyers’ map instead of hanging a “For Sale” sign at the front door. Hanging the sign may pan out to be detrimental for the sale, as it has been proven to put potential buyers off, should it hang for a long time. If the seller plans on moving to another house, this point holds true especially. Otherwise, one may find him or herself paying two mortgages. Patience is key, certainly, but if one must move to a new house before the sale of the present one is complete, it is wise to get a bridge loan.

If all these selling house guidelines and tips are employed, it should be easy enough, and a tidy profit should be in order.



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